Metal Detecting

ApoloniA GOLD Pro

ApoloniA GOLD Pro Metal Detector

• VDI indications
• Base work frequency: 18KHz - High depth metal detector made for work on every kind of terrain
High efficiency even on highly mineralised terrain, terrain with high ore content, terrain with high
ceramics content and terrain with high rock content.
• Standard search coil – DD 28cm (11”)
• Integrated batteries 12V – 10 batteries 1.2V each, 1800mAh
• Automatic charger device
• Automatic and manual ground balance
• High detection speed
• Quick recovery
• Adjustable audio threshold
• Adjustable volume
• Adjustable discrimination
• Stereo headphones output jack – 6.35mm (? ”)
• Work duration with one battery charge: up to 35 hours Consumption – min: 25mA, max: 40mA

ApoloniA GOLD Pro Control Panel


ApoloniA Pro GOLD


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