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Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II

Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector

Introducing the Bounty Hunter Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector

The Sharp Shooter II detector was designed exact specifications to fill the needs of the avid Treasure Hunter. The LCD readout will indicate the probable target ID of each target being detected. an excellent recovery rate, easy operation, lightweight, the Sharp Shooter II is truly a Treasure Hunter's dream. The Sharp Shooter II combines ease of use a visual reference that allows the user to determine what type of metal is being detected, whether silver gold lesser metals. Take aim at more treasure the Sharp Shooter II

  • Weight - 4 lbs.
  • Length - Adjustable.
  • Coil - 8 inch concentric waterproof search coil.
  • Operates on two 9V alkaline batteries.
  • Operating frequency 6.6kHz.


This 8" open-face coil metal detector actually tells the difference between worthless trash and valuable treasure! Great fun for the whole family. The Sharp Shooter Ultra Mag™ has an LCD target ID that enables you to see multiple targets separately. And the depth readout identifies how deep the object is. Three-level iron discrimination makes it easy to detect only the metals selected.

Included features:

LCD target ID that enables you to see multiple targets

• Four operating modes

• Smart track system

• LCD target and depth readout

• Low-battery indicator

• Motion all-metal mode and no-motion all-metal mode

• Touch pad

• Four operating modes

• Discrimination adjustment

• Sensitivity adjustment

• Target/notch system

• Three-tone discrimination

• Automatic ground balance

• Smart track system

Sharp Shooter II Control Panel

 Sharp Shooter II Metal Detector

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