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Bounty Hunter Tracker Pro


Bounty Hunter Tracker Pro Metal Detector

Seek out buried items with this Bounty Hunter Tracker PRO Metal Detector. It comes with a target notching system that helps you
search deeper and yet still lets you know when things are closer to the surface. The Bounty Hunter metal detector has a nine
target-ID category icon to help make discovering your trinkets easier. It also features a graphic target depth indicator for you
to visually see what depth you are at.

The Bounty metal detector has a sensitive bar graph to help indicate where the items are at.
Take it with you on vacation, to the beach, on a camping trip or even to use in your own yard. 
  • 7" Concentric Elliptical Open Waterproof Search-coil
  • 9 Segment Category Icons for Target ID, Discrimination and Notching
  • Graphic Target Depth Indicator
  • Adjustable Length for All Ages & Heights
  • Detects Coins to 8" Deep - Larger Objects Over 2 Feet
  • Full Discrimination Control
  • Target Notching System
  • 3 Tones Alert to Different Types of Metal
  • Fast, Accurate Target Response
  • Includes Padded Armrest & Ground Stand
  • Weighs 2.2 lbs
  • Easy to assemble - No tools required Requires
  • One 9-volt Alkaline Battery (Not Included)

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Bounty Hunter Tracker Pro


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