Metal Detecting

DeepTech Vista Smart

DeepTech Vista Smart Metal Detector

This is the machine that made many people become DeepTech fans, it's a machine that has great
all round no nonsense performance and finds items in the ground with ease.

First off, all the controls are within quick reach and easy to adjust, as with all Vista machines it will only take you seconds
to get setup and detect in the field, no complicated menus just pure simple effective detecting.

On the faceplate we have the usual control  style layout consisting of volume, sensitivity, ground balance and discrimination,
but we also have a pinpoint button that can be pressed to perfectly find out where the target is under the coil once located.

On the underneath of the control box we have two toggle switches, these are your boost switch and your
discrimination options, all metal, two tone and single tone/silent search.

All-Metal mode is great for archeological work when all metals are to be detected and recovered from the ground. 

If you wish for only to hear good targets (non ferrous) items only, then you can do this just with a flick of
the toggle switch underneath the control box silence out all Iron (ferrous) signals depending on size.

With the Vista Smart you'll be able to find small and large items with ease, also understand what size targets are and how
deep with the audio feedback once learnt, it really has built up a great reputation for its high performance what is always
reassuring when when choosing a metal detector.

To sum this machine up would be to say, fast and deep with great all round performance, a detector
that truly has fastened its roots into the true greats of detectors made.


  • Operating Frequency - 15,5 kHz
    • Detector type - motion
    • Sensitivity control - Yes
    • Volume control - Yes
    • Manual Ground Balance - Yes
    • Modes of operation - DISC. Mode 2 Tone Mode (low tone for ferrous objects and

high tone for non-ferrous objects) All Metal Mode

  • Recovery speed - Very fast
  • Booster - Yes
  • Pinpoint - Yes
  • Searchcoil Type - 2D
  • Searchcoil Size - 11”
  • Cable Length (approx.) - 53” ( 135 cm )
  • Audio Frequency (approx.) - 780/390 Hz
  • Weight (with batteries ) - (approx.)1400g.
  • Battery Requirements - We strongly recommend to use 8 x 1,5 V AA Alkaline Batteries

or rechargeable Batteries with more than 2000mA/h

  • Battery Life (typical) - 20-25 hours
  • LED Low Battery alert - Yes
  • Operation Temperature Range - 10-40 C
  • Optimum Humidity - 0 to 75% R.H.

DeepTech Smart Control Panel


DeepTech Vista Smart Basic Guide


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