Metal Detecting

Conrad Pro-900 Active

Conrad Pro-900 Active

Conrad PRO 900, The Professional product with 2 times the better solution than other products in its class. Thanks to its compact design, it’s convenient for use in all kinds of fields.

Conrad PRO 900 takes an EM system that can detect irregularities in the target area as its basis. So it can identify a multiplicity of different structures, including natural structures such as layer crystallization, underground water level, cavities and grave rooms as well as objects like plums, storage chests etc.

Thanks to the system controlled by the micro operator, ground aligning, depth measuring and information recording can be automatically undertaken. The field detected here can be analyzed with the aid of a three-dimensional graphic

This product both has ordinary graphic monitoring and a live graphics system that can sense buried objects


Technical Specifications

Maximum Measuring Depth: 15 m
Communication Tension: 12 V
Total Measure: 180 x 250 x 55 mm
Weight: 3000 g
128Mhz operator
1024 MB memory
64 x 128 pixel resolution
Cordless compact-design main unit
Simultaneous graphic transmission
16 memory recording function
Automatic and manual detection selection

Light and contrast regulation
Simultaneous graphic system

Holding CE Quality Policies Compatibility Documents

Conrad Pro-900 Active


Conrad Pro-900 Active


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