Metal Detecting

PI-Iking 750

PI-Iking 750 Pin-Pointer

The unique sealed design allows detecting in any environment including grass ,mud ,
dirt ,sand, or even in fresh or salt water ta a depth of 100 feet .Great for divers .

Public security check, Police investigation, Diving searching, Professional archaeology, Waste
Iron Recovery ,Needle/pin Search Coil Design Pinpointer ,Expand the detecting distance .


1. Communicates with vibration & light - (When a target is located the Vibra-iking750 signals with pulses of
vibration and flashes of bright from white L.E.D )
2. Pulse Induction Technology (PI) - (Allows hunting in salt water or in any type of soil, including black sand)
3. Detection depth stability - (New Advanced circuitry maintains detection distance throughout the life of the battery)
4. Target distancing - (The pulses of vibration increase in frequency as the probe approaches the target precision pinpointing)
5. Automatic tuning - (The state of the art microprocessor controlled design requires no adjustments of any kind)
6. Waterproof - (Fully waterproof  for 30 meters underwater . Best for seeking treasure undersea)
7. Belt ring & wrist strap - (Includes a belt ring to attach to any common belt clip as well as a wrist strap for added security)
8. Pulse induction search coil - wider detecting distance ,high sensitivity ,even seek one tiny needle.   
9. Solid construction - locate target easily in sand ,fresh and salt water
10. Seeking treasure undersea - white LED indication ,vibrate indication
11. Search coil - Design pinpionter ,better detecting area & depth 

Battery Installation

1. Rotate the knob counter--clockwise to open the battery compartment seal
2. Insert 1  9V battery
3. Turn the knob clockwise until hand tight to assure a water-tight seal 

Note : Before submerging the machine ,make sure the battery compartment seal is secure 

Package Contents

1 x Pi-iking 750 Detector
1 x English Manual
(Batteries not included)

PI-Iking 750


PI-Iking 750


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