Metal Detecting

Pirate The Black Pearl

Pirate The Black Pearl Metal Detector

• Audio indication of 2 or 4 tones, with adjustable volume.
• The target signal level is visual and audio.
• Masks – the ability to cut unwanted metals.
• Filter – to eliminate interference.
• Three profiles for coils.
• Balance of the soil auto and manual.
• Gold mode – to search for gold.
• Backlight screen – with brightness adjustment.
• Indication of supply voltage.
• Indication on the screen in the form of bars and the number of VDI.
• And also more of additional functions.
• The principle of the metal detector – VLF.
• Operating frequency – 7-14kHz
• Automatic ground balance, manual ground balance
• Acoustic separation of metal two-tones and single tone
• Regulation of the separation of the metal
• Elimination of mineralized soils and minerals
• Power – set of 10 batteries 1.2V AA / 1800mAh.
• Operating time per charge – at least 25-30 hours
• Coin detection depth (with coil 28 cm DD) – 45 cm
• Operating frequency from 3 to 28 kHz.
• Power supply of metal detector 6 -15 volts.

Pirate The Black Pearl Control Panel


Pirate The Black Pearl


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