Metal Detecting

Rutus Argo NE

Rutus Argo NE Metal Detector

A metal detector with the capabilities demanded by advanced users, but provided with preloaded settings which make it ideal for beginners also.


The Alter 71 detector can not only be used as a static detector for very deep low frequency work, but just as effectively as a rapid, dynamic detector for locating small non-ferrous objects using high frequencies.


The flexibility of the detector is enhanced further by the option of dual mode, using the benefits of motion and non-motion mode simultaneously.



Two frequencies: 6.6 kHz or 16 kHz
Frequency Shift
Hot rock adjustment
Reaction speed (ground filters) - 3 levels
Short signal masking - 7 levels
Threshold level
Threshold tone
Audio gain
Tones: 1, 5 and 3 users program
Three modes of operation: motion, non motion and dual mode
Discrimination (-90 to +90)
Sensitivity (0-75)
Notch (20 notches)
Speaker volume
Built-in wireless audio transmitter
Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) - 1630 g

Rutus Argo NE Contents


Rutus Argo NE Control Panel


Rutus Argo NE


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